We have been shocked to find out that Punjab Kitchen, who describe themselves as having a “reputation as the number one supplier of Halal and Ethnic food to the public sector in the UK” had the contents of their products tested by Leicester City Council and it was found that their lamb seekh kebab contained over 50% beef.

Punjab Kitchen are halal certified by The Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence (certificate on their website) and we have been assured that they only source meat from HMC certified abattoirs. Despite the fact that the entire contents of the products in question by Leicester City Council may indeed be halal – cross contamination of products is a major issue that needs to be looked at with scrutiny to ensure consumers that they are given products that they can trust.

Due to the shocking results of Leicester City Council tests, all halal meat products have been removed from Leicester school menus and will instead be being replaced with fish and / or vegetable meals for the foreseeable future.


Click here to see BBC coverage on this matter

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