Everyone knows that they should eat organic where possible... we all know that it is better for us. But WHY should we eat it? WHY is it better?


  • Organic fruit and vegetables, according to research done at Newcastle University, contain 40% more antioxidants. They also contain higher levels of necessary minerals (Zinc, Iron etc)
  • Organic produce taste sweeter as artificial fertiliser used in production of non-organic goods disrupts and in some cases, gets rid of, natural sugars.
  • Our water can be polluted by fertilisers and pesticides. Defra calculates that the tackling of this problem costs around £20million a year.
  • Organic meat, milk and eggs have increased levels of the healthy Omega 3 as well as higher levels of protein. Organically grown food also has lower nitrate content than that  of artificially produced products.
  • Cell walls of organically produced food are stronger than those of artificially produced food.
  • As organic fare production is less forced, and as a result, slower, the produce has more time to synthesise vital components – resulting in higher quality, better tasting food.


Along with all of the above, it is no secret that organic animal farms operate with higher standards than conventional farming – the animals all lead a more comfortable, comparatively ‘normal’ life prior to slaughter; they contain less fatty acids and the lack of pesticides enhance the overall taste of the product. Quite alarmingly, the World Health Organisation estimates that there are 20,000 worldwide deaths annually due to accidental pesticide exposure.

Buying into the organic movement (where possible) clearly has an abundance of health benefits – as well as offering the buyer peace of mind; you can enjoy your food knowing what exactly you’re eating. Why organic? Because everyone should know where there food has come from and what they are putting into their bodies, because ultimately, our bodies do not belong to us – but to the Divine.


For more information see: www.ifoam.org


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